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Are you in need of specialist condensation solutions?  Richardson and Starling are your local surveyors who are experienced and qualified to handle any condensation problem you can throw at them. This PCA UK Contractor of the Year for 2016 and 2017 guarantees up to five years and quick, innovative solutions to solve all your condensation problems. Below is everything you need to know about Richardson and Starling and the resolutions to all things condensation.

What is Condensation?

It is arguably the most common type of dampness in properties and yet is one of the most difficult to diagnose. One in five properties in the UK have a condensation issue which is a result of the high moisture content in the air. High moisture content is caused by every day activities that involve a change in temperature in the property such as boiling the kettle, cooking or having a hot bath or shower. A lot of people make the mistake of underestimating condensation which can lead to severely damaged interiors, including decoration and furniture. Mould can also develop from condensation and in these circumstances you have terribly unhealthy living conditions.

Steam rising from cooking pot can cause issues that call for condensation solutions

What Causes Condensation?

Funnily enough, this common condition is usually a result of improvements being made to a property. For example, draft proofing and double glazing are great treatments to be implemented to your home to improve heating and save on energy bills. However they can reduce ventilation in a property. When air that is filled with moisture is trapped in a building and lies on cold surfaces it appears at water on walls or windows, also known as condensation.

What Are the Best Condensation Solutions Available?

In the first instance you should have a professional come out to survey your property. Richardson and Starling are the ideal choice for your condensation solutions as they have a partnership with leading ventilation experts Envirovent. They provide a home ventilation and condensation control unit called the Positive Input Ventilation System which draws in fresh filtered air from outside and airs the property from a central rom such as a hallway. This system ensures that your home cannot become too overloaded with moisture thus reducing the chance of condensation developing. As part of the condensation solutions service, Richardson and Starling would also survey and treat and other forms of damp which could be contributing to the condensation in your home. Damp proofing services include:

  • Condensation Survey
  • Condensation Control
  • Black Mould Remover
  • Mould Cleaner

Steam from a bath or shower leading to problems that require condensation solutions

Why You Should Choose Richardson and Starling

In order to identify the exact root of the problem causing damp and condensation you should hire a professional. Every house is different and in some cases there could be more than one issue causing problems. By misdiagnosing an issue you could waste time and money with a treatment that won’t work. Richardson and Starling offer innovative condensation solutions using digital equipment that allows them to accurately diagnose this property and select the most efficient and effective resolution.

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