With all of the news at the moment trying to put us all off of drinking so much coffee in the morning and at work, we’re left wondering what would fill the gaping hole that it would leave in our lives and in our lunch break. Luckily there are some alternatives to coffee that you can get relatively cheaply, which are healthier and won’t make you shake after one too many.

1.    Kombucha tea

Although some of you may not have heard of kombucha tea, it is becoming more and more poular in recent times. A possible replacement for both fizzy juices and for coffee, this tea has been claimed to help regulate bowel movement and help with high blood pressure- both of which coffee can alter! The tea is mildly fizzy itself and sweet due to the sugar that is added at the beginning of its fermentation process. Despite this it is very low in calories.


2.    Probiotic drinks

Probiotic is a word that is flung around without much explanation of what it means. Probiotics help regulate the level of ‘friendly’ bacteria in your digestive system after the level has been altered, by taking antibiotics. They help to keep your gut healthy, all the while regulating you immune system and digestive health, again factors which coffee can affect negatively.

3.    Peppermint tea

Good for your breath and your health, peppermint tea gives you the warming feeling that you will get with coffee without the caffeine. It tastes delicious and is the prefect drink for your break at work as it energizes you and helps to relax the body.

4.    Coconut water

A favourite among hipsters and millennials, coconut water is a great alternative for coffee at lunchtime. It helps you intake healthy liquid calories, eases your digestive system and helps replace electrolytes lost in sweat- for example, during exercise.

5.    Sparkling water

When you can’t face plain water as a replacement for your coffee, why not try sparkling water. Whether it’s flavoured or not, this beverage is free of calories and sugar, all while hydrating the system. Some researchers also stated that it helped regulated digestive systems and constipation. Digestion-wise, it increases feelings of fullness to help with portion control and even improved swallowing.


It just shows that you don’t always need to put the kettle on to find a healthy alternative to coffee!

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