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Orthodontics in Glasgow is a much sought after treatment due to the amount of people suffering from crooked teeth, diseased teeth and tooth loss. In the UK everyone is entitled to free dental care up until the age of eighteen. Even after the age of eighteen everyone is entitled to a free check-up. Some people go annually, others go every six months, it is the discretion of your dentist how often you are required to see them. Unfortunately I you require any treatment after the age of eighteen you must pay for it. The same can be said for orthodontics: if you dentist refers you to the orthodontist before you are eighteen then you receive all your orthodontic treatment for free. However, after that point you would have to attend a private orthodontist.

There are various reasons why people did not get orthodontic treatment while they were still eligible for free care. Some people develop problems or problems worsen as the age, they may not have required braces as a child but as they grew up their teeth moved. Or some people develop diseases of the mouth or have an accident which has affected the appearance of their teeth. Maybe some children were too scared of the orthodontist but now as adults feel they need to fix their teeth to help them to live a more confident and successful life. Where should these people go for top orthodontic treatment? The Berkeley Clinic offers an elite range of orthodontics in Glasgow as well as operating as a leading private dentist and a high-end aesthetics and cosmetics practice as well.

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The Berkeley Clinic

This Glasgow based clinic provides various services that aim to help people look and feel their best. Although there are many clinics in the city that may offer some or a variation of these treatments, The Berkeley Clinic offers high-end services using innovative technology that has advanced the treatments in terms of duration as well as performance. Some of the impressive treatments offered include:


  • Invisalign
  • Inman Aligner
  • Adult Braces
  • Anxiety Clinic
  • CADCAM Dentistry
  • Thread Vein Removal
  • Botox
  • Chemical Peels
  • Facial Fillers

Birds eye view of chair and equipment used for orthodontics in Glasgow clinic

Orthodontics Glasgow: The Best Option for You

Most adults who are pursuing orthodontic treatment are struggling with similar apprehensions. First of all having metal braces attached to your teeth for an extended period of time can pose many problems. First of all it can affect the way you speak, not to mention train tracks are extremely noticeable, even from a fair distance. For any self-respecting adult, especially in Glasgow where most people think they are comedians, braces are a target for humiliating jokes. Then there are those who work in jobs that require them to speak to customers, clients or even colleagues on a daily basis. Feeling embarrassed about your teeth while trying to talk is not a good combination. This could lead to a lot of anxiety and self-esteem issues. On top of that there is the less common but likely scenario that you are to attend an event or function and get photos taken. Likely nobody wants to have a mouth full of metal in a photograph that will be on your mother’s mantel for the rest of time. The Inman Aligner and Invasalign are both transparent braces that appear almost invisible and are removable, solving all the typical problems that come with traditional braces.

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