A strong, effective online artist’s website draws the right audience to your work with quality content that tells a true story, invites visitors to your site with an easy to navigate interface, and connects you with potential buyers through the viewing process. But having a good, high quality online gallery website to display your work. If your gallery is not on a server of some type, there are few things you can do to build an online gallery that impresses the viewer and makes them want to return. We will discuss a few tips here.

Building Publicity

As a general rule you will want your artists page to have a front page that is full of their best works. It should be a showcase of sorts that entices the visitor to spend time reviewing it and adding to your growing database of works. The most effective way to promote art online for artists is to feature current and up to date works by your favorite artists. Other services you might consider for promoting art online are providing related information about your artists such as where they live, contact information and photos, bios, and links to any of their websites, portfolios, or sales information.

Many of the people that visit an online art gallery do so looking for original artwork for their homes, offices, or collections. So it is important that your website has a page specifically devoted to showcasing your artist’s artwork and potential customers will search for what they seek on your site. Your gallery could also offer other services like hosting memberships where you can give others access to your gallery art if they sign up. So, in addition to creating a gallery you will want a good page on your website with your artist’s artwork and other pertinent information.

Further Tips

There are many ways to attract attention to your artist website and draw the eye of potential customers. You can offer a discount to your customers if they spend a certain amount of money on a monthly subscription or you can even create an interactive forum or blog area within your website. In this section you can talk about your work, answer questions, comment on various pieces of art, provide links to other sites you feel are valuable, and more. You can use the forum to post information about your business and discuss different topics such as which are the best places for selling art online to interested buyers. You could also talk about how long you have been working as an artist and share some of your best pieces.

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing your own online art gallery is that it allows you to have complete control over what your customers see when browsing through your gallery. This is because the links to your work are all posted within your gallery and customers can browse through the works of other artists as well as yours. You can decide whether or not to include certain pieces of artwork and whether you want to offer an exchange program or cash.

Final Ideas

Another way you can use your social media marketing plan to promote your work is by utilizing your blog or website. When people are searching for local art galleries, they will often use one of the search engines to find them. By using your blog or website as part of your social media marketing plan you will be able to promote your work and build a following that will become loyal to your brand. You can also make your work available for download on your social media pages and offer a link back to your website and/or blog. If your work is of high quality and you are able to provide a valuable service to potential buyers then they will tell their friends about your website and blog and will recommend you to others.

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