It is a fact that road accidents have now risen above the levels of accidents caused by lightning or other natural causes. It also mentions some significant milestones, including improved global coordination on road safety, increased involvement of non-governmental organizations in road transport policy development, creation and dissemination of road transport accident prevention information, and greater global commitment towards focusing on and providing road safety technology to road users. It also mentions the need for more efficient road transport policies in different regions. These are among the important topics included in the report of the rapporteur on road safety. This article briefly discusses the findings and recommendations included in this report.


What Do We Know About Road Accidents?

Road accidents involving vehicles have increased over the years as there are inadequate road safety research programs and inadequate enforcement measures, as some countries lack the resources and technological know-how to safely design and manufacture adequate road vehicles. One notable hindrance to achieving the goals set forth in road safety research is the lack of traffic compliance awareness among drivers. One of the most recommended solutions to improve road safety is the use of roadside markers, which are technically advanced warning devices that alert vehicles to the presence of other vehicles, thereby allowing them to avoid colliding with them. These roadside markers are not only effective in their function but also in their design.

Another recommended solution to help improve road safety is the use of automatic breaking systems for heavy vehicles. These break down the whole length of the vehicle’s transmission, greatly reducing the chances of accidents involving large trucks. Such systems help avoid collisions between vehicles that might cause severe damage to one another. The use of such systems can prevent a large number of fatalities that might occur in road traffic accidents caused by failure to use such break down systems.

 Safety In Vehicles

Vehicle occupant safety has been an issue for quite some time now. Manufacturers have been working hard to provide products that help make roads safer for both drivers and passengers. One of the best solutions to this issue has been the implementation of automobile related safety systems such as the automobile safety signs or the automobile warning lights. These signs or signals consist of a color-coded outline that indicate the location of the nearest emergency assistance services, police stations, hospitals, gas stations, and other service facilities. This helps road users identify the locations of emergency facilities quickly, which is very helpful in cases where the road safety system has failed.

One of the best solutions for road safety has been the implementation of an automobile remote keyless entry system. A remote keyless entry system allows road users to enter their vehicles with a simple push of a button. With this convenient technology, drivers no longer need to get out of their cars in order to open their doors. They simply press a button and enter their vehicles immediately. This is one of the best practices in transport safety research as well as a necessary measure for the protection of road users. Many accidents involve multiple vehicles, so the use of an automobile keyless entry system ensures that only the person who is authorized by the driver can open doors.

What Road Users Should Remember

Road users need to take note of their surroundings at all times and be aware of road conditions. Automobile safety signs and other road-related indicators are designed to alert drivers of various road hazards. The use of these effective means of communication is essential as they help to alert road users to possible dangers. Some of these include merging vehicles, oncoming vehicles, pedestrians, on-road and off-road obstacles, changing weather conditions, etc. In addition to these safety signs, vehicle safety systems may also include other important equipment such as warning lights, crash balloons, flagging flares, tire chockers, emergency flashers, seat belts, mirrors, and many more.

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