Solar energy is a renewable energy source that reduces the reliance on fossil fuels. It also decreases utility bills and offers consumers the opportunity to earn money through a process called net metering.

Choosing the right solar panels Glasgow depends on a variety of factors including your location and weather conditions.

Increase Home Value

Solar panels convert the sun’s rays into clean and renewable energy that reduces a home’s dependence on traditional energy sources. This decreases greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and non-renewable fossil fuel use, while adding value to the property.

Solar panel efficiency and electricity production can vary by location and weather conditions. The best way to ensure optimal performance is to install the system on a south-facing roof that is free from trees or other objects that could block sunlight. Most states also offer a program called net metering, which allows consumers to sell excess energy back to the grid in exchange for credits on their utility bill.

Reduce Energy Bills

Solar panels reduce your energy bills by replacing the electricity that you use from the grid with renewable energy. This can lead to significant savings, especially in areas with higher electricity rates, such as Hawaii.

In addition, homeowners with solar energy are able to benefit from tax incentives, which can further lower your electricity costs. Solar is a clean, renewable energy source that can be tapped for as long as the sun shines. Traditional power sources, such as coal, oil and natural gas, produce harmful greenhouse gases and pollute air and water.

Increase Home’s Resale Value

Homeowners install solar panels for a variety of reasons. Some may choose to buy a solar system for energy savings, protection against rising electricity rates, and tax benefits, while others may want to reduce their carbon footprint or get a good return on investment. However, a growing number of homeowners also consider their home’s resale value when choosing which type of solar energy system to install.

Solar power systems add to a home’s resale value by reducing electricity bills and increasing its overall energy efficiency. According to the Appraisal Institute, for every £1 reduction in a homeowner’s yearly energy bill, home values increase by £20. For example, if your solar energy system saves you £400 per year on electricity costs, it increases your home’s resale value to £24,000.

Carbon Footprint

Solar panels are a renewable energy source, which helps reduce the homeowner’s carbon footprint. The energy they generate is also clean and provides independence from the electric grid.

This is especially helpful if your area is prone to power outages or high electricity rates. A home solar system that includes a battery storage unit will provide you with backup power and allow you to sell excess electricity back to your local utility company, which can further reduce your energy bills.


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