A high-quality wall coating acts as the first line of defence from outside exposure for commercial walls. It also helps cover cosmetic blemishes to give a building a facelift.

A wall coating system is usually applied much thicker than masonry paint. This thickness is crucial for its protective abilities.

Pristine Coatings

An exterior wall coating is a modern alternative to ordinary house paint that offers many benefits such as weatherproofing, insulation and covering any scars on the walls. It is typically applied much thicker than normal paint which helps it to resist harsh weather conditions and increases its life span.

Unlike ordinary masonry paint, wall coatings are made up of carefully chosen chemicals to create a durable and hardy layer. They are formulated for lightfastness, fungal and algal growth prevention, water resistance and mechanical strength.

Pristine Roof Cleaning

A wall coating is a highly insulating layer that protects walls from weathering, whilst boosting energy efficiency. It can help to prevent the build up of damp, reduce wind chill and lower heating bills. These coatings are suitable for a range of materials, including render, pebbledash and Tyrolean. They can also be applied to masonry and stone surfaces.

The insulating properties of wall coatings mean that they can significantly increase the lifespan of a property’s exterior, as well as increasing its value. This is because, unlike a coat of masonry paint, they are long-lasting and will not degrade over time.

Pristine Building Maintenance

A wall coating system acts as a defence for commercial walls from water damage, dampness, mould and mildew growth and unsightly staining. It also accentuates the cosmetic and decorative beauty of your building. This is why thousands of property owners across the United States partner with companies that specialize in external maintenance, restoration and protective coatings.

Exterior wall coatings are typically thicker than masonry paint, giving them exceptional weather resistance. They also have a high level of “opacity” which means they can cover scars and imperfections in a wall that normal masonry paint would not be able to do.

Pristine Wall Coatings

At first glance, there might not seem to be much difference between a regular tin of masonry paint and a specialist wall coating. However, a closer look will reveal that while ordinary paints deteriorate quickly, exterior wall coatings are resilient enough to protect a building from damage for decades at a time.

The reason for this durability lies in the chemical makeup of the product. Each component is carefully selected to ensure that the finished coating resists the attack of extreme weather conditions. This includes resistance to water solubility, fungal and algal growth prevention, mechanical strength, and lightfastness.




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